World Magazine article, Look After Orphans (Paul Golden, January 30, 2010), presents 20 proactive ways in which our church can answer the call to ‘look after orphans in their distress’ (James 1:27).

3. Invite guest speakers to raise awareness of adoption needs and opportunities. Those who lead adoption ministries can share their passion with your church in small groups, Sunday school, and services. Give church members the opportunity to hear about these needs while giving them ways to help.

4. Make adoption resources available to the church family. A wealth of adoption resources—both secular and Christian—can be helpful to couples considering adoption. Most of the time misconceptions about the adoption process keep families from considering adoption. The church can provide helpful facts for couples to make informed decisions.

Dr. Russel Moore introduced our church to the ministry of caring for orphans back in March of 2009 when the Just O.N.E. Ministry was kicked off. Since then we have heard from Justin Taylor last fall speak on  “Adoption” (click HERE to listen). Over the last year we have seen a number of videos during services, educating the congregation about the plight of orphans around the world as well as the need of foster kids right here in Kentucky.

We have had two lunch and learns with the primary purpose to educate interested families about resources, both informational and financial. Inspiring messages from the 2009 Summit V Christian Alliance for Orphans conference are available on CD for borrowing from the church library. It is the goal of the Just ONE ministry to remove hurdles that prevent LBC families from considering following God’s call to care for orphans, especially through adoption.