At the recent Adopting for Life conference at Southern Seminary in February, David Platt delivered a message on Ruth and Adoption. It was the most powerful sermon I have ever heard, on any topic.  There was a seriousness and a hope in his message that was very inspiring.

Please listen or watch and pray that God would speak to you.

The audio for all the main sessions and breakouts from the Adopting for Life Conference is now available here.  Listen to main sessions by: Jedd Medefind, Dr. Russell Moore, and David Platt.
Breakouts by: Dan Cruver, Randy Stinson, Maridel Sandberg, Andy Lehman, Eric Bancroft, Jason Kovacs, David Prince, Timothy Paul Jones, Kevin Ezell, Dan Dumas, Mark Tatlock, Tara Melbar, and Bill Bistransky.

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