World Magazine article, Look After Orphans (Paul Golden, January 30, 2010), presents 20 proactive ways in which our church can answer the call to ‘look after orphans in their distress’ (James 1:27). We will look at each of these over the next several weeks.

2. Preach key passages on caring for orphans and spiritual adoption. Passages like James 1:26-27 remind us that pure and faultless religion emphasizes care for those who are least able to care for themselves. Ephesians 1:3-5 portrays the act of physical adoption as a great object lesson for spiritual adoption in Christ). Since God cares for us in our affliction, we should care for orphans in theirs.

Whether you hear this regularly from your home church pulpit or not, you can “preach to yourself” in several ways. Frankly, that is probably the best way to ensure you get the full breadth of God’s Word into your heart, on any subject.

  • You can find a collection of Scriptures and basic facts on our website’s ABOUT Page.
  • There are plenty of “external” sources of God’s Word being preached on this matter.
    • Last month Southern Seminary hosted the first “Adopting for Life” Conference and at least 7 LBC members attended. I heard one of the best sermons on how God through hsi great love for us, cares to put us (spiritual orphans) in families to have our needs met and his eternal will fulfilled. This sermon came from David Platt. [I will post it once it becomes available.]
    • The next opportunity to hear more on orphan care and adoption is to attend the upcoming Adoption Seminar hosted by LOCI, the Louisville Orphan Care Initiative. Click here for more details.
    • And in one month’s time, the nations largest Adoption Conference, Summit VI, will be held in Minneapolis. This will likely be the most inspirational meeting yet held on this topic. Year over year, attendance in these and other conferences has increased substantially as Christian’s respond to the Biblical command to “Visit orphans in their affliction” (James 1:27).