by Jason Kovacs, the ABBA fund blog
I heard someone say something along these lines the other day – “this used to be a passion of mine but now it is a burden.” It struck me because it describes how I have been feeling lately when it comes to the plight of the orphan.

Not that I am no longer passionate about caring for orphans but that passion and excitement to see lives changed – orphans sponsored, fed, adopted – has grown into something that feels deeper and more painful. The excitement and joy and desire to see more lives changed remains, but I find myself more aware of the pain and injustice that exists. It makes me ache. It burns. Children in my own city and millions more around the world who have no parent, no one providing for them, protecting them, loving them. Why? How? Surely we can do something. We can and we must do something.

More specifically, I feel this burden growing to see the global church grasp that we are responsible for these children. That together as Christians from the west and east – America, Africa, Asia and other nations – we would seek the permanent care of every orphan we can get to.

That’s what I’m burdened by, dreaming of, and praying for! God is big. He can do it. He cares more about the orphan than I do.

The thing I love is that I am not alone. There are so many others who are passionate and burdened for these precious children. And God is raising up a beautiful mosaic of specific burden carriers who are doing amazing things for their joy and care.

Oh Lord, take this burden and passion that I know also burns in thousands of other hearts and continue to unleash it for the sake of your glory and justice and love towards the fatherless of our world!

HT: LOCI The Louisville Orphan Care Initiative