Have you considered giving a gift that would change a life this Christmas?  Quite understandably, nonprofits normally want to steer you exclusively to giving opportunities available through their own organization.  This year, however, one Christian Alliance for Orphans organization led efforts to help purposeful gift-givers find just the right match among an array of other Alliance member organizations.
Thanks to some sacrificial leadership from Loving Shepherd Ministries, you can add orphans to your Christmas gift list through an array of Alliance member organizations.  Loving Shepherd drew together a list of Christmas gift opportunities offered by Alliance members, offering a range of ways to share both physically and spiritually with the fatherless this season.  These include:
Many thanks to Loving Shepherd for reaching beyond their own organizational interests to help other groups raise funds for orphans.  It’s part of their ongoing efforts through their Faces of the Forgotten Google Earth Project to build up the Christian orphan movement, which also includes mobilizing prayer for orphans.
HT: christianalliancefororphans.org