From Andy Lehman, Lifeson for Orphans:

I want to make you aware of something we are really excited about. 

Our family went to family camp last year at Horn Creek in Colorado.  To say we had a good time would be an understatement.  We (and especially the kids) had a blast.  It was the right mix of everything, with tons of activities for the kids, great weather, nice accommodations – even pretty good food.  It was great to get away and relax and play, and yet we weren’t so far away that we felt disconnected.  Like I said, it was just a really good mix and exactly what we needed.


While we were there (and even before) we, along with Michael & Amy Monroe ( started dreaming about possibly having a camp designed especially for adoptive and foster families.  So we have been talking with the leadership at Horn Creek and that dream has quickly become a reality.  They have given us a week (August 8 – 14) and we have a dedicated area of lodges and cabins where we will stay.  On top of that, they are extending their “early-bird” pricing for this camp until early January and in addition there is an opportunity for the first ten families that sign-up for this camp to get an additional $200 off.  Overall, we found the cost of camp at Horn Creek (which includes accommodations, tons of activities and all meals) to be a great deal.  For example, a family of 4 (with 2 kids 4 or older) can attend for a total of $1,450 (if register for the “early-bird rates” and with the $200 off).  Each additional child is only $304, and kids 3 and under are only $69.  (Also, Horn Creek has agreed to allow any child that was adopted or that has come into a home as a foster placement within the past year to attend camp for free.)  You can find all the details about the cost of camp at Horn Creek at 


The adoption/foster camp can hold about 15 to 17 families in the dedicated area of the camp that we have in mind, so (in connection with the above pricing “specials”) we wanted to make this opportunity available to some of our adoption ministry partners (and a few others) first.  We are still working out many of the details about this camp, but we know already that it will include a number of Lifesong and Tapestry ministry families as well as some adoptive and foster families from across the country.  But again, much of it will simply be getting away and hanging and playing with family and friends in a beautiful setting.  We are also planning to use the teaching time (there is some praise and worship as well as a brief teaching time each night) to focus on exploring some of the beautiful parallels that exist between our physical adoption experiences and what Scripture has to say about our adoption in Christ.


Because this is our first go at this we are only inviting a select number of families.  This is not because we don’t love all of our church adoption ministry friends, but rather because we simply have to start somewhere and each of you came to our minds.  Depending on the available spaces we may be able to invite other families and certainly if more space becomes available we will make this opportunity more generally available.  But for now, we wanted to see if you guys are interested in joining us – and we hope that you are!


I am sure that you will probably have questions.  You can find many of the answers on the Horn Creek website at  Also, feel free to let me know if you have any questions or just want to discuss this opportunity. 


So what do you need to do?  First, please let me know if you are interested as soon as you can.  Horn Creek wants to let other adoptive and foster families know about this camp opportunity as well, but they have agreed to first let us tell our families and some other families at other church ministries around the country we have relationships with.  So please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested.  Then, you will need to complete an application (you can download it here) and send in your deposit in order to save a spot for your family.  The deposit is $200, while the balance of the payment is not due until the summer (1/2 at the beginning of the summer and the remainder shortly before camp).


We hope that you will join us for what promises to be a fun and relaxing time for the entire family.




Andy & Jill Lehman