aabclogoEstablishing a culture of adoption is something we have been intentionally working on for the last year (2008-2009) at Ashland Avenue Baptist Church.  We believe that this is primarily done through the preaching ministry. It is from the pulpit that we seek to establish an entire congregation culture of adoption.

The message must constantly be sent that adoption and orphan care is not to be a ministry agenda of a select group of interested folks.  Rescuing orphans at AABC must be a part of our church’s overall vision to advance the kingdom of Christ in the world.

Jason Kovacs of the ABBA Fund helps to summarize what we are trying to do in establishing a culture of adoption rather than segmented adoption ministry in the following way:

  • Ministry tends be an optional program that a small group of interested individuals can take part in.
  • Culture is something that the whole church community takes part in by virtue of being part of the church.
  • Ministry does not necessitate the involvement or the vision casting of the church leadership.
  • Culture will be sustained by the preaching of the gospel and the particular ways it is worked out.
  • Ministry is not always clearly connected to the mission of the church.
  • Culture is a means to work out the mission of the church.

Since September 2008, we have had 7 new families begin the adoption process.  We have received four former orphans into our congregation over the last year.  We have also taken in $40,000.00 for adoption and orphan care. (AABC partners with ABBA fund)

We believe these things are a result of ‘culture’ not ‘ministry’.  Furthermore, they will only be sustained within a culture cultivated by our church’s mission vision.

HT: AshlandBaptistChurch.org